Hacienda White North Coast 

Enjoying the charming nature of the Egypt North Coast is only perfect with Hacienda White North Coast , which makes your journey even more enjoyable, it goes beyond the customary meaning of the tourist village to look as if it were a standalone city due to the abundance of its high-end services and the splendor of its units despite its different forms and types, as for its recreational facilities, it is countless, here is everything you want to know about that charming village.

 hacienda white master plan 


 Hacienda White North Coast Location 

Hacienda White Egypt impresses everyone with its strategic location in the charming North Coast Egypt, where the stunning nature, the outdoors, the pleasant views of clear waters, golden sands, and countless services, it is located exactly in Sidi Abdel Rahman area at kilo 140 of Alexandria – Matrouh Road, which brings it close to an important and lively road, New Fuka Road.

Hacienda North Coast units

The village was established right on the seacoast, which means that all Hacienda North Coast units for sale have stunning natural views on the sea, ensuring a luxurious life in an unparalleled tourist residential village like no other.

 Hacienda White Sidi Abdel Rahman Areas 

You might think this resort has no end because of its very large area, which is hard to reach on foot, so it was natural that Hacienda White, along with various facilities and units, would have large areas of scenic views such as green spaces and water bodies occupying about 80% of the total area versus only 20% of buildings and facilities.

The resort offers its customers the most luxurious residential and tourist units of various areas that can come to your mind whether small, medium, or large, and whatever the type of unit whether chalets, standalone villas, palaces, twin houses, or townhouses, the customer will find a great variation in the spaces.

For example, areas of chalets in Hacienda White North Coast range from 145 square meters up to 261 square meters, the units areas are so different that a large segment of customers chooses this village alone to book chalets or even other units because it is also varied in size to satisfy all needs.

 Hacienda White Village Design  

All the meanings of creativity and splendor are reflected in the design in every corner of the resort, whose land and streets are decorated with vast greenery while overlooking sandy beaches of charming nature, the village is designed in an unconventional and creative way to take the shape of the letter “U”.

The creative design of the project is of course reflected in its various units, where residents can enjoy seeing the sea without having to leave their homes, whether residents of villas, chalets, or even guests of Hacienda North Coast Hotel.

 Services and features of Hacienda White Palm Hills 

Talking about the project’s services and advantages needs pages and sides so that we can limit each service to it and do not forget anything from the list of advantages that make it unique from other tourist villages, but all of this can be shortened as much as possible in the following points:

  • The diversity of swimming pools in their spaces and designs and their spread in more than one place in the village, some of which are for kids.
  • There are not only residential units, but there are also shops that can also be booked within the project.
  • Enjoy the charming nature and refreshing atmosphere of the tourist promenade.
  • The residents can get the best health care within private hospitals, health clinics, and medical centers that are open to all village guests.
  • The presence of beauty centers in the village is a distinguished service for those interested in skin and body care in particular.
  • There are water games to ensure more fun for everyone.
  • A gym equipped with various necessary supplies, equipment, and devices.
  • There are chalets with sea views.
  • Setting up a number of social clubs so that those in the village can carry out their activities in a quiet place.
  • Free internet and Wi-Fi services are provided.
  • The green spaces have a large proportion of the village area, giving the place more tranquility, beauty, and psychological comfort.
  • The diversity of fields and its variety among golf courses, squash courts, quintet football courts, as well as kids’ playgrounds on the beach.
  • Delivery service is provided to all residents, in order to facilitate access to all their needs and supplies without the need for long walks.
  • Enjoying a special time in the gym, especially for people interested in exercising or training.
  • The resort is fully secured by trained and full-time security personnel in addition to surveillance cameras.
  • The project takes the necessary measures for security and safety by providing the village with fire stations.
  • Establishing a number of markets and commercial areas within the project, so that no guest has to go far for shopping.
  • Availability of maintenance services as well as cleaning services throughout the day.
  • The presence of the most luxurious tourist hotels ensures that you get the best hotel services within the village hotel more than anywhere else.
  • There are many other fun facilities such as gyms, spa, sauna, jacuzzi, and 2 clubhouses.
  • Interesting in providing services for kids only, as there are a kids area and a play area that is located for them.
  • Enjoy with friends or family in tourist areas, ride games in the amusement park,
  • shop in malls or stroll through the parks, which also have fun games.
  • The wide streets of the project allow the free walking or cycling, as well as a track and a long jogging walkway.
  • Fun entertainment services are rarely provided in a tourist village, such as Gliding, Beach Buggy, Banana Boat, a food court located right on the beach, Aqua Park dedicated to adults, and night cafes on the sea.
  • Cinema lovers can spend a special time in the village cinemas or enjoy watching their displays.
  • Customer service is available throughout the day.
  • Each residential unit is provided with a central Sattelite.
  • All guests can enjoy their favorite drinks or dishes by the sea within the cafes and restaurants in the village.
  • The presence of a tongue from the sea extends to the village, giving it a more spectacular view.
  • Many other services and facilities, such as public central, petrol station, garages, social club, indoor restrooms, gym, mosque, equipped ambulance units, supermarkets.
  • Chalets for sale in Hacienda White North Coast with the most exceptional designs and different spaces.

 The real estate developer 

Without the great effort and long experience of Palm Hills Developments Company, the owner of the project, the project wouldn’t have achieved all this success and won all this fame in no time.

This is an inevitable result because the company has been operating since 2005 AD, i.e. has a lot of experience to enable it to launch outstanding projects.

The company was established by El Mansour and Al Maghraby Development and Investment Company as a joint-stock company and has been listed on the Egyptian and London stock exchanges, and since its inception, it has been working at full capacity to implement integrated residential projects and has already achieved its goal to become one of the largest real estate development companies in the regional level after the implementation of about 26 projects.

The company is responsible for the implementation and development of real estate projects of resorts and residential cities, in the most exceptional areas of Egypt, and in addition to Hacienda White Palm Hills project has launched many important projects, most notably the following:

The Village, Palm Hills Katameya, Palm Hills New Cairo, Village Avenue, Capital Gardens, Village Gate, Village Gardens, Golf Central Mall.

Projects in Western Cairo, such as Casa, Palm Valley, Palm Hills 6 October, The Crown, Badya Palm Hills, Bamboo Extension, Golf Extension, Palm Parks, Golf View, Woodville.

 Hacienda White prices 

 Hacienda villas 

  • Area From: 353 m²
  • Area To: 554 m²
  • Starting Price: 7,751,100 EGP

 Hacienda Twin house 

  • Area From: 339 m²
  • Starting Price: 7,026,400 EGP

 Hacienda Chalet 

  • Area From: 153 m²
  • Area To: 223 m²
  • Starting Price: 3,714,300 EGP

 Hacienda Cabin 

  • Area From: 41 m²
  • Starting Price: 2,000,000 EGP

All the project customers enjoy all its services and many benefits at the best possible price because the company that owns the project does not aim to make huge gains at the expense of its customers but is keen to gain their trust and satisfaction in everything even financially.

The resort offers Chalets for sale in Hacienda White at very different prices, starting from thousands of pounds to millions of pounds, for example, the price of some chalets in the village reaches 5 million pounds, this great variation in prices is in the interest of the customer of course in the first place until he finds what is in line with his possibilities.

 The payment systems 

As long as you decide to buy a unit within Hacienda village, you will never have the problem of payment distress because you will have the easiest facilities to be able on installments the amount over a full 7 years without incurring any interest and after paying only 5% of the total value of the unit as a down payment.

Looking at the location, spaces, services, or even Hacienda White prices and payment methods you will find it surpasses many other villages so it remains the ideal destination for those looking for luxury and modernity at the best possible prices.

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