Palm Hills Katameya Extension 

The executing company was able to achieve a new vision and concept for luxury housing and high-end life when it implemented Palm Hills Kattameya Extension , as it is one of the most exceptional compounds located in the Fifth Settlement area.

It has been uniquely designed and has different types of exclusive services, which we rarely find combined in any other residential project.

 Palm Hills Katameya Extension location 

The developer company was keen to choose a distinctive location for the implementation of its residential project, so it has chosen a distinct area within the 5th Settlement near the most important and most dynamic places, as the complex was characterized by its closeness to the New Administrative Capital, it is only five minutes away.

The distance between it and the American University is estimated at about a quarter of an hour, and it is adjacent to the most famous residential projects, Mountain View iCity New Cairo project.

All of this has made the accommodation within this project a dream sought by a large number of customers, who have realized the sophistication and luxury available to them within this prestigious project, making them enjoy a quiet and more comfortable life.

 Palm Katameya services 

  • All things that the resident needs in his daily life will find it steps away inside the project, as the owner company has paid great attention to the services of the project, believing that it is the first attraction for a large number of customers, the place has contained a huge amount of services including the following: –
  • Sophisticated and distinctive designs according to the greatest geometric models, which are unique and rarely found in any of the other compounds.
  • The greenery had a large share of the total amount of project area, making all residential units enjoy a pleasant view of the landscapes, which contributed to giving individuals a sense of psychological calm.
  • The gardens and parks, with a charming view, have given residents the opportunity to spend a magical time in the arms of nature.
  • The water bodies occupied large areas of the compound, giving it an irresistible charm.
  • The project has a 5-star hotel that offers a unique package of exclusive services to its customers, ensuring a different and special vacation.
  • An international school characterized by its high level of education because of the company’s belief in the role of education in the advancement of society.
  • The most important thing that distinguishes the compound is that it operates with a solar system making it enjoys clean air free of any pollutants.
  • It has playgrounds and entertainment areas suitable for all residents of all ages.
    Swimming pools vary in size and design to achieve a high degree of benefit for the entire population.
  • Artificial fountains with a gorgeous look added to the place a special beauty.
    The company did not lose sight of the young people, so it has allocated an area to entertain them and provided it with a large number of toys and games, as well as being fully secured to provide adequate protection for kids while they are playing without any worries or fear.
  • It has also allocated certain areas for night-time and party lovers to hold parties and events.
  • There is a social club with a great design with a number of fields dedicated to various sports activities.
  • High-end cafes with customer service, serving various types of beverages, whether hot or refreshing.
  • Restaurants offer different types of foods to satisfy different tastes.
    A uniquely designed Club House offers a great service to entertain the population.
  • Barbecue areas amidst picturesque nature.
  • 24/7 security and guarding to secure the entire place and make the population feel safe and secure.
  • For more entertainment for residents, the company has provided the place with a golf court that offers a range of great entertainment services.
  • The developer paid great attention to the aesthetic appearance of the compound, which made it provides the project with a garage for residents’ cars so that no traffic would form in front of the buildings.
  • All of these services have made the customer demand increase significantly in the reservation of residential units within Palm Hills Katameya Fifth Settlement compound, as the accommodation within it gives them an exclusive and unconventional life.

 Area of  Katameya project 

  1. A huge area allocated by the owner company for the implementation of its residential project, it was built on an area of 500 acres equal to approximately 2.1 million square meters and it has allocated an area of about 400 acres for buildings and construction, while the remaining area has been left for the services and facilities.
  2. The company has implemented approximately 157 residential units divided between ordinary apartments by 20% and villas by 80%, these units have a variety of areas to satisfy everyone, as it was announced by the real estate developer to offer apartments with an area starting from 150 square meters.
  3. With the availability of standalone villas with an area starting from 300 square meters, in addition to the townhouses, which started with an area of 300 square meters and attached to a garden of 330 square meters.

 Palm Hills Katameya Prices 

  • Starting Price 10,156,000 EGP
  1. The company that owns the complex has introduced residential units at distinctive and reasonable prices, despite the many and exclusive advantages provided in the place, the price per meter started from 12,500 Egyptian pounds, and these prices are the best in that area.
  2. The booking of units within the compound was opened with a down payment of 10% and 5% at the time of the contract and the remaining amount is paid in convenient installments over 7 years, as well as the existence of another payment system that the customer pays a 20% as a down payment while the rest amount will be paid over 8 years, the company has pledged that the receipt will be four years after the date of the contract.
  3. A short history of the developer and its previous projects
    It is one of the projects that belong to Palm Hills Developments, which was founded in 2005 AD in cooperation between Al Maghriby Investment & Development Company and Al Mansour Group, and subsequently launched on the Egyptian and London Stock Exchange to become one of the most famous real estate companies in the Egyptian market.

The company owned 26 residential projects within Egypt, which included an area of about 27 million square meters in many cities, such as Al Ain Sokhna, Sharm El-Sheikh, Suez Road, Nasr City, and New Cairo, the most prominent of which are as follows:

{  palm hills projects }

Features of project

A high-end strategic location approaching various service facilities.

The varying spaces of the residential units thus meet the various desires.

Flexible payment systems that make the customer pay the unit value comfortably without feeling any pressure or burdens on him.

Housing within this project is a real opportunity that everyone should seize where the high-end and distinctive life, so don’t hesitate and book your unit immediately in one of the highest areas of the Capital away from the squatters and its noise and traffic.


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