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 Palm hills new alamein north coast 

Palm Hills Developments Company announced its first projects in Al Alamein city “Palm hills new alamein north coast” to be its first and most distinctive launch in this charming area, it is the latest project, Palm Hills Al Alamein Resort, for which the company has chosen a very distinctive location to be one of the most beautiful and prestigious resorts of the North Coast that provides the residents with all the comfort and luxury means.

As it includes all the services that bring joy and happiness into the hearts of the whole family, this great project can be further identified by the following report.

 Palm hills new alamein location 

The selection of the unique location is the first point on which the executing company has focused when establishing its projects, and this is what it did with Palm Hills El Alamein Resort, which was established in the heart of Alamein City which has many advantages that make it one of the most important tourist cities in the world.

The resort is close to important roads that make it easily accessible, where you will find it:

  • On Petrol road, minutes away from the International Coastal Road and Alexandria – Marsa Matrouh road.
  • The project is close to Wadi Al Natroun Road – Al Alamein.
  • The project’s location is unique behind New Alamein Towers, famous for its height which competes with Dubai Towers.

 Area of Palm Hills Alamein North Coast 

It is planned for palm hills alamein resort to be a giant entertainment city for those who love excellence and luxury, this resort has been designed over a large area so that the company can develop as many services, amenities, and entertainment as possible.

The company also took an interest in the green spaces, gardens, and distinctive collections of colorful flowers and beautiful plants, so it allocated a large area for the project.

The water fountains and crystal lagoons also occupy a large area, giving the place charm and beauty, giving all units a great view and great psychological comfort when looking at the resort’s dazzling color diversity.

As for the unit spaces at Palm Hills Alamein, it has a wide variety of shapes and spaces so that each customer can choose the unit that suits his taste and desire.

 Palm Hills Alamein spaces 

There are small and large apartments, chalets, private villas, townhouses, and twin houses with spaces as follows:

  • There are small-sized apartments “studio” with an area of 60 square meters and consist of one room.
  • There are two-room apartments with an area of 100 square meters.
  • There are three-room apartments with an area of 120 square meters.
  • Twin House units are available in an area of 170 square meters.
  • Private villas have an area of 220 square meters on a total land area of about 300 square meters.
 Features of Palm Hills New Alamein City 

new alamein project is the place you are looking for to spend the most fun times with your loved ones, where there are entertainment services that both kids and adults need, there is no room here for anything but joy, happiness, and well-being, and the most important services of the project include the following:

All units have a distinctive view of the Great Crystal Lagoon

  1. There are many green spaces, gardens, and parks where everyone can enjoy the beauty of nature and breathe fresh air.
  2. Swimming pools are available in many designs and sizes for the enjoyment of adults and kids.
  3. Cars are safe in the covered parking spaces allocated to them.
    Kids enjoy the most fun times in their entertainment areas, which have many and varied games.
  4. Security and guarding services operate daily without rest and are scattered everywhere in the resort.
  5. Modern advanced 24-hour surveillance cameras monitor everything at the resort for extra protection and security.
  6. There is a large health club with a gym and spa with sports equipment and modern devices at the highest level.
  7. The gardens have places for barbecues and private parties.
  8. There is a private track for outdoor walking, exercising, and cycling.
  9. Restaurants and cafes serve eastern and western dishes.
  10. All units have a distinctive modern design.
    The project provides maintenance and cleaning services, concierge, and intercom services.
  11. The weather at the resort is great for a comfortable stay in summer and winter.
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 Palm Hills Alamein prices and payment 

You will find many and varied entertainment services at Palm Hills Alamen Resort and it is interesting that all these premium services that make you feel comfortable and luxurious can be obtained at very good and reasonable prices if compared to the many advantages that the customer gets.

 Palm hills  north coast prices  

  • The price of a studio apartment with an area of 60 square meters and consists of one room starts from 1,700,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The price of two bedrooms apartment, with an area of 100 square meters, starts at 2,700,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The three bedrooms apartment with an area of 120 square meters with a price starting from 3,600,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The townhouses with an area of about 170 square meters with a starting price of 8 million Egyptian pounds.
  • Standalone villas with areas starting from 220 square meters are with a price starting from 11 million Egyptian pounds.

As for payment systems, the owner has announced the provision of multiple payment methods from which the customer chooses the system that suits his financial potentials.

The unit value is divided over long periods of time ranging from six to six and a half years, and the units are delivered with full finishes and facilities within four years of contracting.

 The owner company of the project 

This resort is one of the giant projects that join the list of projects of Palm Hills Developments Company to crown this luxury works and emphasize the company’s leadership and increase the confidence of its customers.

Palm Hills is a large Egyptian joint-stock company founded in 2005 with the participation of Mansour-Maghraby Investment and Development companies (MMID), which have been listed on Cairo and London stock exchanges.

The company owns more than 26 projects and has about 27 million square meters of land that it is developing in many places within Egypt, the most important of these projects are the following:

{  palm hills projects }


All these large projects enhance the credibility of Palm Hills Developments company and are confirmed by its new project Palm Hills New Alamein Resort, in which it has developed all its expertise and material and technical capabilities to provide this architectural masterpiece and provide everything that helps in the comfort and well-being of customers with distinctive services and entertainment facilities.

Book your unit in this huge project and don’t hesitate and make sure you’ll find everything you dream of and wish for, whether in terms of units, design, space, even their prices, and installment and payment systems.


Security – Playgrounds – Swimming pools – Shopping center – Commercial area -Mosque – Social Club – Health club and Spa Aqua park